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About Us


Downtown CityMaps is a local Scottish company based in Rhu, Argyll, Scotland. Established in 2004, our products are based on simplicity because visitors to Edinburgh, Glasgow and Loch Lomond are mostly short breakers who don't have time to hunt around for information. Providing it for them in our ORIGINAL easy to use "Tear & Go" pads and handy booklet guides enables them to find their way around with a minimum of effort. Our maps were the first in Scotland to use "Tear & Go" pads - we've been copied since by our competitors but hey, is'nt immitation the sincerest form of flattery? :)

We print over 50,000 maps in each city (Edinburgh & Glasgow) every quarter and distribute them ourselves which means that hotels, car hire desks, airport information desks, rail & bus stations can rely on us keeping them well stocked with our maps all year round.

We are a family business and that means we know a bit about keeping our costs down - this means that our rates offer the best value of any comparitive tourist information products around. We take our business seriously, so it really matters to us that your business gets the highest possible exposure at the lowest possible cost. We enjoy what we do, and it makes us feel good when we hear our advertisers tell us how well our maps work for them - why not look out for our maps next time you are out & about, and decide for yourself which tourist product can serve you best!


The UK leisure sector (restaurants, pubs, attractions etc) is still facing tough times, but visitor numbers are still excellent. Room rates, restaurant bills and attractions fees all look good value to visitors, especially those from the Eurozone. Short break visitors are still plentifull coming into Glasgow & Edinburgh driven by cheap flights from the low cost carriers and rock bottom bus rates. That means plenty of cash rich visitors looking for places to spend! Can you afford NOT to let this audience know where you are? This audience will see your business every time they pick up a Downtown CityMap, a Glasgow In & Around Guide or the Love Loch Lomond Guide.

We publish the maps quarterly in February, May, August and November which removes the peaks and troughs of supply for hotels, airport desks etc. This also also allows YOU to decide which periods suit YOU best, so you can plan strategically in line with your other activities.

The Love Loch Lomond Guide is published during Spring, Summer and Autumn - click here for more information about this great guide.

The Glasgow In & Around Guide is distributed in July, August and November 2013 and again in February 2014 before being re-published for 2014/2015 in June 2014. For more information about this innovative guide click here.

Our distribution is done in-house & ensures that your message will be seen where it matters by information hungry city visitors. Make an impression with an offer and you will be able to measure effectiveness just like many others do thus making sure your hard pressed budget works even harder throughout the period you choose to advertise.

Don't miss this opportunity to reach a really profitable audience in a low cost and effective way!

Browse our Advertising Rates to find out how much it costs or email me for more information OR - without any hard sell - call me on 07743 - 989089